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Vitality Wellness With Suzette has proudly partnered with Dr. Fred Kaufman and his wonderful wife Kim at Basic Reset to offer people hope with life changing natural products. We will never claim that our products will “cure” anything. We do however proclaim that our products are designed to work with our bodies natural defenses to prevent becoming deficient that many times, if not always, leads to disease.  

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About Me – Suzette

Welcome & Thank You for your interest in Vitality Wellness With Suzette. Allow me to give you a little background about myself and why I chose to partner with Basic Reset.

My Time To Make Changes

I have never been one to take pharmaceuticals and  OTC’s (over-the-counter) drugs. When I experienced a mild heart attack a few years ago, my doctor put me on several medications. There were med’s for my blood pressure, one for cholesterol, one for Gerd, and a blood thinner. Observing my mother and other family members continuously taking more and more medication, I knew that would be in my future as well and that was not acceptable to me!

Time to Be Different & make a change

After several visits and refills on the prescription drugs, my doctor said to me, “You know, once you learn how to eat properly and give your body the nutrients that it needs, we may eventually wean you off these medications”.

Wow, that hit me like a ton of bricks. Why didn’t we BEGIN with eating properly and providing my body with the nutrients that I was deficient of, before all the medication?

Because God had plans for me!

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Basic Reset CEOs

Dr. Fred Kaufman and his lovely wife Kim are not only Basic Reset’s CEOs, they have become dear friends of mine in the course of about a year. Their passion to help people in their personal journey to optimal health is evident in the products they offer. Their love for people is demonstrated by the respect and generosity that they give so freely to everyone. I have been blessed by these two people and the Basic Reset Company. I wish to extend that blessing on to you.

Dr. Fred is constantly engaged in research that now spans nearly 50 years, in an effort to find the fastest, easiest way for individuals to restore their health at very affordable prices.

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What’s New At Basic Reset

CBD Is In The House! 

CBD RESET The True Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Dr. Fred Kaufman and his wife Kim, founders and CEO’s at Basic Reset are not your typical business owners, nor do they run their company like many. They purposely chose not to jump on the CBD bandwagon and bring a mediocre Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, into their product line at Basic Reset!


After several years of searching for the very best manufacture, and saying no to many, Dr. Fred finally found a company that upholds to his own personal convictions to natural nutrition.

You see, Dr. Fred & Kim, as well as myself, firmly believe that we were created, in a miraculous way,  where our own bodies natural defenses can be enhanced to do what they are suppose to do when giving what the body needs.

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Basic Reset

Basic Reset – What Does That Mean?

The definition of reset is the act of resetting to the initial state; setting to zero; to adjust after an initial failure. We  reset our clocks when there is a power failure. How many times have you had to reset your PC,  cell phone, and even remote controls to correct a malfunction?

At Basic Reset, we are dealing with something far more important, although, many people believe they can not  live without the mentions above! We are talking about  our health!

Our Health

Many people today are suffering, on a daily basis, with joint pain and inflammation, weight management, fatigue, physical signs of aging, and mental disorders. The list goes on and on.

Many people  give up in despair and accept the health challenges they face. I promise you, it doesn’t have to be that way!

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